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One in 10 U.S. Adults Experience Tinnitus

Approximately one in 10 adults in the U.S. experience tinnitus, and durations of occupational and leisure time noise exposures are correlated with rates of tinnitus and are likely targetable risk factors

New Drug May Help Prevent, Treat Tinnitus

New Drug May Help Prevent, Treat Tinnitus

By slightly modifying a drug currently used to treat epilepsy, researchers have come up with a new compound with the potential for superior efficacy in treating the disease, with fewer side effects. The bonus? The new compound may provide a way to prevent the development of tinnitus. In a study published in the Journal of […]

Management of Bilateral Tinnitus and Nasal Tumor

A 53-year-old man with a one-month history of bilateral tinnitus. An MRI detected a sphenoid tumor incidentally, and a contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan revealed a partially enhanced tumor in the left sphenoidal sinus that destroyed part of the skull base.