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Defect Size, Depth, Patient Factors Affect Scalp Reconstruction Choice

What are the factors that influence the choice of technique and complications of scalp reconstruction after oncologic ablation? Background: Scalp defects can be produced through a number of conditions and treatments. Scalp reconstruction following oncologic resection presents a particularly difficult situation for both patient and surgeon given the urgency of ablation and uncertainty in final […]

Aesthetic Parotid Surgery for Benign Parotid Neoplasms

What is the experience in using a superficial muscoloaponeurotic system (SMAS)-platysma flap in facial-aesthetic parotid surgery for benign parotid neoplasms? Background: The surgical management of benign parotid neoplasms has evolved from oncologic safety alone to an operation that is focused on limited visible incisions, facial contour restoration, prevention of Frey syndrome, and preservation of facial motor […]

Customizable Hard Mouth Guard is Recommended During Rigid Endoscopy

Is there a better dental guard than soft mouth guards for use during rigid endoscopy? Background: One risk of rigid endoscopy is tooth injury, most commonly to the maxillary incisors. Standard plastic mouth guards are not customizable and may slip off a patient’s teeth. Additionally, the incisors may cut through the mouth guard’s soft plastic. Study […]

The Importance of Timing in Mandible Fracture Repair

Is fixation of mandible fractures urgent? Background: There are conflicting reports on the urgency of fixing mandible fractures. While some recommend fixation within the first 72 hours, others claim that repairs that are made as late as five days post-injury do just as well. Although delayed repair can be associated with compromised nutrition, poor hygiene, inflammation, […]

Case Report: Robotic-Assisted Transoral Removal of Submandibular Megalith

What is the feasibility of utilizing the daVinci Surgical System in the management of large stones of the submandibular gland? Background: At one time, complete removal of the submandibular gland was standard for large salivary stones. Recent studies have shown that a combined approach involving transoral or external removal guided by salivary endoscope can permit stone […]

Mandible Vascularized Bone Graft Reconstruction Successful in BRONJ

Does vascularized bone reconstruction provide optimum reconstruction among patients with bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ)? Background: Bisphosphonates, a commonly prescribed class of medications used in the treatment of multiple myeloma and metabolic and metastatic bone disease, decrease bone resorption via inhibition of enzyme activity within osteoclasts. Remaining in the bone for several years, bisphosphonates can […]