ENTtoday: August 2007



Medical Education

Late-Onset Laryngomalacia: A Variant of Disease

Although the most commonly seen cases of laryngomalacia (LM) are in very young children, clinicians should consider late-onset LM as a potential cause of feeding difficulties in toddlers, sleep apnea in children, and teenage exercise intolerance, according to researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic.

Medical Education, Practice Management

Coding and Documenting Advice from the Experts

In order to remain compliant, as well as to receive fair and appropriate reimbursement, you must code and document correctly, said Michael Setzen, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at NYU School of Medicine and Senior Clinical Attending in Otolaryngology at North Shore University Hospital in New York, when he moderated the panel discussion, How the Experts Code and Document Laryngology and Esophagology in the Office and the OR, at the April 2007 Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting.