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Reducing Hospital Costs for Patients Undergoing TL/BND

What factors influence intraoperative and postoperative costs associated with total laryngectomy (TL) and bilateral neck dissection (BND)? Background: Given the current environment of health care reform, the ability to respond to the financial challenges ahead requires an understanding of the drivers of cost variation for surgical procedures. Only by examining both the costs associated with specific […]

Dysphagia May Lengthen Hospital Stay

Does the presence of dysphagia in hospitalized patients result in prolonged hospital stay and increased morbidity? Background: Dysphagia is a symptom that may be an indication of swallowing dysfunction. Swallowing dysfunction can result in aspiration, dehydration, malnutrition, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess and death. The implication of swallowing dysfunction on a patient’s hospital stay is uncertain. The authors […]