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Residents’ Fellowship and Career Path Preferences

What should residency/fellowship program directors and residents making career choices know about recent trends regarding otolaryngology-head and neck surgery residents? Background: Otolaryngology, which over the years has evolved into a complex regional surgical subspecialty, remains one of the most highly sought after specialties among medical students. No recent studies have investigated specific fellowship preferences among residents, […]

New Interview Questions for Better Resident Selection

Can commercially available business tools be used to identify competencies specific to the junior otolaryngology resident and to develop behavioral-based interview questions and techniques? Background: The resident selection process cannot predict consistently and accurately the successful training and job performance of a potential resident. One area of potential intervention and improvement is the interview, where improvement […]

The Faculty Mentor from the Resident’s Perspective

What is the experience of residents regarding mentorship during their otolaryngology residency? Background: Integral to the educational experience is the relationship between faculty and residents, which is based upon multiple types of encounters, including formal teaching sessions, clinical care of patients, surgical training and research activities. The embodiment of this relationship is the faculty mentor whose […]