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Trends in Revision Rhinoplasty

Otolaryngologists Tom D. Wang, MD and Dean Toriumi, MD discuss the changing trends in rhinoplasty over the past decade, pinpointing what technologies have emerged and how this new knowledge has impacted revision procedures.  

Structural Support: Surgeons extol the cartilage stability provided by a new nasal implant

For patients who undergo septoplasty to repair a crooked septum, reconnecting pieces of cartilage and stabilizing the cartilage during the healing process is critical to achieving straight alignment of the nasal septum. Stabilizing cartilage is particularly challenging for patients who require correction of severe septal deviations or severe post-traumatic deformities that are often both functional and cosmetic.

Baseball Foul Tip Causing Frontal Sinus Fracture

A 14-year-old boy sustained blunt trauma to the forehead from a foul-tipped baseball. Significant past medical history consisted of allergic rhinitis treated with over-the-counter cetirizine (Zyrtec). On examination, the patient had right frontal sinus depression with overlying edema. There were no palpable nasal bone or orbital rim abnormalities. Baseball threads were seen on the overlying skin as well as ecchymosis on the nasal dorsum and under both eyes.

Researchers Identify Patients at Risk for MRSA

What patients are at risk for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection following septorhinoplasty and the need for antibiotic prophylaxis? Background: Local infection is a rare complication following septorhinoplasty, but it has been suggested that at least half of the patients who undergo septorhinoplasty or rhinoplasty will be colonized with Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), and a percentage of […]

Irradiated Homologous Costal Cartilage Used Effectively in Rhinoplasty

Can irradiated homologous costal cartilage be safely and reliably utilized as a grafting material for primary and secondary rhinoplasty? Background: Early reports on irradiated homologous costal cartilage (IHCC) used in nasal grafting were confounded by many factors, making its long-term survivability difficult to assess. Preliminary results from the first large-scale study limiting grafts to nasal reconstruction […]