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Case Report: Robotic-Assisted Transoral Removal of Submandibular Megalith

What is the feasibility of utilizing the daVinci Surgical System in the management of large stones of the submandibular gland? Background: At one time, complete removal of the submandibular gland was standard for large salivary stones. Recent studies have shown that a combined approach involving transoral or external removal guided by salivary endoscope can permit stone […]

Intraoral Removal Has Advantages over Submandibular Gland Resection

Are surgical outcomes better for intraoral removal of proximal submandibular stones or traditional submandibular gland (SMG) resection? Background: Salivary stones, the most common cause of salivary ductal obstruction, usually occur in the SMG and its ductal system. About 40 percent are located distally in Wharton’s duct and can be easily removed through an intraoral procedure. Proximal […]