ENTtoday: April 2012


Few Medical Errors are Reported

Six out of every seven hospital-based errors, accidents and other adverse events still go unreported, according a report released in January by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

FDA Seeks to Prevent Surgical Fires

While surgical fires are exceedingly rare they can have devastating consequences. The FDA and a coalition of health care providers recently launched the Preventing Surgical Fires Initiative to help physicians manage the risk of surgical fire.



The article, “Conflicting Evidence on Tobacco’s Effect on ESS Outcomes” (March 2012 issue), misquoted David Kennedy, MD, professor of rhinology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and Veterans Administration Hospital in Philadelphia.

Case of the Month

Parotid Mass Diagnostic Dilemma

A 75-year-old man presented with a left ear lobule melanoma and was found, on examination, to have a concurrent right parotid mass and bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy. A CT scan of the neck confirmed a 2-cm right superficial parotid mass containing both solid and cystic components without any pathognomonic characteristics, as well as bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy with multiple 2- to 3-cm lymph nodes. FNA biopsy of the parotid mass was consistent with carcinoma, whereas FNA samples from the cervical lymph nodes were non-diagnostic.

Career Development

5 Public Speaking Tips for Physicians

Whether you’ve given hundreds of presentations throughout your medical career or are preparing for your first conference presentation or lecture, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to professional speaking.


Literature Review: A roundup of important recent studies

Gentamicin vs. dexamethasone in Meniere’s disease; flying after tympanoplasty; patients with PVCM aren’t homogeneous; CND in differentiated thyroid carcinoma; clonazepam for pain in burning mouth syndrome; ultrasonic bone aspirator for removal of frontal sinus osteoma