ENTtoday: July 2012


Evidence-Based Sinusitis

Experts discuss the subtle differences between recently released guidelines from IDSA and older guidelines from the AAO-HNS.

Clinical Guidelines 101

Guidelines are becoming an essential component of clinical care. A look at their development and intended use.


Literature Reviews

Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Routine ICU admission for all post-surgical OSA patients unnecessary; parent education for adenotonsillectomy risks; resident Facebook postings impact professionalism; no difference in life expectancy with HNSCC imaging modality; nasal steroids effective in chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis; costs of laryngeal diseases.

How Doctors Should React to Cage Fighting

A a medical profession, we should consider striking a middle ground between those calling for a complete ban on the sport and those advocating freedom of choice.