ENTtoday: May 2007


Sinuplasty Gaining Momentum for Sinus Procedures

Balloon sinuplasty-still a controversial area for otolaryngologists-appears to be gaining favor, although functional endoscopic balloon remodeling is still in its infancy, said Raymond Weiss, MD, medical director of the Sinus Center of the South in Ocean Springs, MS.

In-Office Transnasal Esophagoscopy Appears Safe, Cost-Effective

A three-year retrospective study of in-office transnasal esophagoscopy appears to show that the procedure can be adopted for safe use in private practice-and with considerable savings to the health care industry when compared with rigid esophagoscopy.


Health Policy

State Efforts Toward Universal Coverage: Part 2 of a series

With the federal government shouldering 45% of health care costs through five huge entitlements (see ENToday, April 2007) and a large federal deficit, the chance of politicians enacting a new federal entitlement for universal health insurance coverage is as likely as their conducting a smear-free political campaign.