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Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Adenotonsillectomy in obese children improves AHI but not inflammation; improvements in OSA after weight loss in obese diabetic patients even after weight regain; ESS a viable choice for children with CRS and failed therapies; otolaryngology hospitalist model can work for inpatient practices; enlarged vestibular aqueduct indicates stronger risk of hearing loss progression; patients with VFP thyroidectomy incur high cost of care

Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Routine ICU admission for all post-surgical OSA patients unnecessary; parent education for adenotonsillectomy risks; resident Facebook postings impact professionalism; no difference in life expectancy with HNSCC imaging modality; nasal steroids effective in chronic rhinosinusitis with polyposis; costs of laryngeal diseases.

Experts Debate Pediatric Airway Issues

In a recent debate-style panel, five otolaryngologists addressed topical clinical issues relating to the pediatric airway ranging from adenotonsillectomy in children with obstructive sleep symptoms, to whether cidofovir should be used as a standard treatment in children with recurrent respiratory papillomas.