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Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Transnasal balloon catheter dilation of eustachian tube relieves ear pressure; fat graft myringoplasty highly successful in certain tympanic membrane perforations; molecular testing may improve differentiated thyroid cancer diagnoses; polysomnography widely used in pediatrics, but not up to practice guidelines; length of intubation, number of sedation doses affect subglottic stenosis risk in children; little difference between tetracaine and lidocaine for nasal endoscopy

Researchers Develop Clinically Relevant Animal Model for Subglottic Injury

Can a clinically aligned, reproducible model for subglottic injury be developed? Background: Animal models for subglottic stenosis (SGS) have been invaluable in understanding the underlying mechanisms and in developing new prevention strategies. However, most animal models focus on causing a direct mucosal injury to the subglottic region rather than emulating some of the clinical causes […]

Bioabsorbable Miniplates for Subglottic Stenosis Are Safe and Effective

What is the efficacy and safety of bioabsorbable miniplates as an alternative to autologous grafts in single-stage laryngotracheal reconstruction for subglottic stenosis? Background: Since the 1960s, the incidence of acquired subglottic stenosis has dramatically increased due to the improved survival of low birth weight infants and the increased use of long-term endotracheal intubation in neonates. The […]