ENTtoday: June 2011


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Training Trends: British surgeon offers cautionary tale about limit on trainee duty hours

New limits on doctors in training in the United Kingdom (U.K.) have drastically reduced the amount of training they receive and may put patients in peril, a renowned retired British surgeon told listeners here on April 29 at the Annual Meeting of the Triological Society, held as part of the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings.

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Lecturer Warns Against Overuse of CRT: Says many early-stage laryngeal cancer patients overtreated

Chemoradiation therapy (CRT) for head and neck cancer is overused at some centers in patients with early-stage laryngeal cancer, and more care should be taken not to overtreat patients with therapy that can have toxic effects, said invited lecturer Jonas Johnson, MD, at the Annual Meeting of the Triological Society, held here on April 29 as part of the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings.


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Return on Recycling: Reprocessing single-use devices may lower costs, improve efficiency

The idea of reusing single-use devices may bring to mind the recent news of a Las Vegas urologist who was investigated in March for supposedly resuing single-use devices. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, Dr. Michael Kaplan is accussed of reusing, but not not decontaminating, endocavity needle guides. While Dr. Kaplan’s specific case may be unique, the idea of reprocessing single-use devices is not.

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A Review of Contemporary Management of Vestibular Schwannomas

What are important parameters that should be considered in the treatment decisions for vestibular schwannomas? Background: The advent of stereotactic radiosurgery and its widespread use during the past decade have led to a reappraisal of the various management options for vestibular schwannomas, also known as acoustic neuromas. At the same time, novel chemotherapeutic agents, although still […]

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Pretreatment Swallowing Assessment in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

What are the patient variables associated with swallowing dysfunction in head and neck cancer (HNCa) patients prior to intervention? Background: Recent studies have shown that pretreatment deficits are common in HNCa patients, particularly those with advanced stage disease. Further, the research has shown poor correlation between measurable deficits and patients’ perceptions of these deficits. Determining aspiration […]

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Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis Is a Reflux Mediated Disease

Is there evidence of extraesophageal reflux (EER) in idiopathic subglottic stenosis (iSGS)? Background: Although a subset is related to identifiable trauma, many stenoses in the upper airway are deemed idiopathic. Theories involving the etiology of iSGS have centered around two possibilities: that an occult condition leads to mucosal scarring of the cricotracheal junction and that it […]

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Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy Provides Insight into OSA

Can drug-induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) help determine the mechanisms for lack of response to surgery for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? Background: The most common OSA surgical treatment in the U.S. is isolated palate surgery, even though it rarely eliminates OSA and achieves a meaningful reduction in severity in only 5 percent to 38 percent of patients. […]