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Customizable Hard Mouth Guard is Recommended During Rigid Endoscopy

Is there a better dental guard than soft mouth guards for use during rigid endoscopy? Background: One risk of rigid endoscopy is tooth injury, most commonly to the maxillary incisors. Standard plastic mouth guards are not customizable and may slip off a patient’s teeth. Additionally, the incisors may cut through the mouth guard’s soft plastic. Study […]

Socioeconomic Disparity Seen in Families of Hearing-Impaired Children

What are the disparities in socioeconomic status and health care utilization in hearing-impaired children? Background: Multiple barriers potentially contribute to health disparities experienced by children with hearing loss. These can include communication barriers, fear, mistrust and frustration with the health care system, medical and non-medical costs and the logistics of care. Although health disparities have been […]

Cost Analysis of Transoral Surgery versus XRT for Early-Stage Glottic Cancer

Which treatment for Tis/T1 glottic carcinoma among adult patients, transoral CO2 laser excision (TOL) or external beam radiation (XRT), is superior in terms of cost utility? Background: Cancer of the larynx is the most common head and neck cancer, with 75 percent of cases confined to the level of the glottis. The goal of treatment for […]