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WATCH THIS: CT vs. MRI in Otology

Radiologists Hugh Curtin, MD and Caroline Robson, MBChB discuss indications for both CT and MRI imaging studies in the evaluation and management of otologic disease.

The MRI-CT Faceoff in Pre-Operative Coclear Implant Staging

There is no one right answer to the question of which imaging test is best for patients with hearing loss who are candidates for cochlear implantation. Age, underlying pathology and the ability to tolerate radiation and sedation are just a few of the variables that can determine whether magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) or both are chosen in this clinical setting.

COSM 2012: Dr. Jonas Johnson Explores the Subtleties of PET/CT for Tumors

PET combined with CT might be one of the most powerful imaging technologies available, but how effective it is in evaluating head and neck tumors and helping with treatment is not a cut-and-dried proposition, said Jonas Johnson, MD, in his State of the Art Lecture at the 115th Annual Meeting of the Triological Society, held here on April 20 as part of the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings.

High-Resolution CT and Diffusion-Weighted MRI Combo Improves Pediatric Cholesteatoma Detection

Does the technique of fusing MRI images with high-resolution CT images improve the efficiency of detecting recurrent cholesteatoma in children, in particular for small cholesteatomas? Background: Radiographic documentation of small recurrent cholesteatoma following pediatric middle ear/mastoid surgery or primary diagnosis of a small congenital cholesteatoma could provide benefit in the management decisions for these entities. Diffusion-weighted […]