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Repair Revolution: Surgeons use fat grafts to address extensive facial deformities

Fat grafts have been used to repair the aging face for about two decades, but recently, surgeons have been using grafts to repair more extensive facial deformities caused by injury, illness or congenital abnormalities. Success, they said in interviews with ENT Today, depends on proper patient selection, matching the fat graft to defects that are most amenable to repair with fat injections and an understanding of the biology of the graft and how it reacts with surrounding facial structures.

Cellular Therapy of Autoimmune Disease

Cellular therapy refers to the use of live cells to replace or repair a damaged organ system. The first widespread use of this approach occurred more than 50 years ago when hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from the bone marrow of a healthy donor (allogeneic) were used to replace the hematopoietic system of a recipient after it was ablated during chemo/radio therapy of leukemia, the recipient’s hematopoietic system being “collateral damage” during the eradication of the unwanted leukemia cells.