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Is There Still a Place for the Head Mirror?

It’s no surprise that head mirrors are second only to the stethoscope as one of the most recognizable symbols used in artists’ renderings and Hollywood depictions of a physician. Or that, in most cases, head mirrors are incorrectly shown situated squarely in the middle of the “doctor’s” forehead, much like a shiny, silver bull’s eye instead of flipped down over one eye.

VR Simulator Training Improves Cadaveric Temporal Bone Dissection

Can supervised training with a virtual reality (VR) simulator improve performance in cadaver temporal bone dissection? Background: Cadaveric temporal bone dissection exercises are the cornerstones of otologic surgical training, but there is an increasing shortage of temporal bones worldwide and an increasing number of otorhinolaryngology trainees. The role of virtual reality (VR) is now recognized in […]