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Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Wide variation in maximal medical therapy for CRS; "sinus headache" diagnosis and treatment; hospital-acquired conditions after HN cancer surgery uncommon but costly; tympanoplasty plus mastoidectomy in perforations; transoral BOT resection effective for OSA; type 1 GPT improves vocal outcomes in GI

Literature Review: A roundup of important recent studies

Gentamicin vs. dexamethasone in Meniere’s disease; flying after tympanoplasty; patients with PVCM aren’t homogeneous; CND in differentiated thyroid carcinoma; clonazepam for pain in burning mouth syndrome; ultrasonic bone aspirator for removal of frontal sinus osteoma

Best Practice in Tympanoplasty

Does concomitant mastoidectomy improve outcomes for patients undergoing repair of tympanic membrane perforations? Background: Controversy currently exists regarding the appropriate treatment of tympanic membrane perforations resulting from chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) without cholesteatoma. Proponents for mastoidectomy contend that surgical opening of the mastoid pneumatic system buffers pressure changes in the middle ear and allows for […]