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Surgery May Be Unnecessary for Some Small Thyroid Cancers

What are the trigger events that lead to detection of otherwise asymptomatic thyroid cancers? Background: The incidence of thyroid cancer has more than doubled in the past 30 years, but mortality has remained stable. Cancers never destined to cause symptoms during the person’s life are being detected and treated, leading to unnecessary surgery with potentially long-term […]

Is Comprehensive ASNHL Screening Always Needed?

What are the costs and diagnostic yield of screening patients presenting with asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss (ASNHL)? Background: The magnitude of workup on a patient with ASNHL of an uncertain onset or chronic nature is a problem commonly encountered by otolaryngologists. The typical comprehensive workup includes a number of expensive tests, including a battery of serologic […]

Otolaryngologists Find Creative Ways To Offer Cancer Screening to High-Risk Populations

Oral, head and neck cancer screening is critical to early detection-but otolaryngologists often find that they aren’t reaching the populations at highest risk for the disease. Consequently, many physicians are taking the initiative to develop novel and creative outreach programs to target people who are likely to regularly use tobacco and alcohol, as well as individuals who do not have ready access to health care.