ENTtoday: July 2013




Case of the Month

Management of Bilateral Tinnitus and Nasal Tumor

A 53-year-old man with a one-month history of bilateral tinnitus. An MRI detected a sphenoid tumor incidentally, and a contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan revealed a partially enhanced tumor in the left sphenoidal sinus that destroyed part of the skull base.

Literature Review: A Roundup of Important Recent Studies

Wide variation in maximal medical therapy for CRS; "sinus headache" diagnosis and treatment; hospital-acquired conditions after HN cancer surgery uncommon but costly; tympanoplasty plus mastoidectomy in perforations; transoral BOT resection effective for OSA; type 1 GPT improves vocal outcomes in GI

Pillsbury Receives Triological Society Gold Medal

Harold C. (Rick) Pillsbury III, MD, FACS, was presented with the Triological Society Gold Medal on April 12 during the society’s 116th Annual Meeting, held as a part of the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings.